1. First breather of the day from heatwave attack, project management city #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  2. #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  3. Mirror mirror, who’s the dirtiest of them all.. #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  4. My god, worked 7-9 today again, I’ve breathed in so much plaster I think I’m dying, my hands are cut to shreds but, my modernist build is coming along nicely. Check the astro turf rolled up.. Every modern home needs the stuff.. #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  5. Plaster plaster #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  6. #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  7. My magic mirror #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  8. It’s taking shape! #chelseapostgradfinalshow


  9. Installation begins, phase one, at Chelsea College of Arts, 7.30 it’s a scorcher already!


  10. Perceptual (Apparatus) 1 Acetate print, perspex